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I have now been using Xero for the last 2 months and getting more familiar with it. I should have done the transition ages ago, saving me time and money. It is simpler and way more efficient. Thank you for your advice and Dinesh advice, follow-up and patience.

Michel Blot
Bergamot (Bakery)

CFO & Business Advisory Services

Part time CFO & Advisory Services – to support and provide you with valuable insight needed to navigate your way to success.

Do I need a CFO ?

You do , if you are constantly engaged in trying to understand:

  • why revenues are growing but your profits are not
  • costs need to be managed and controlled better
  • cash is disappearing in spite of profits in the business
  • how the business will be tracking beyond next week or month
  • or any of the other issues which keep you awake at night, then we can help !

We have the experience and the ability to understand your problems and provide practical solutions. Our Virtual or Part Time CFO & Business Advsisory Services cushions you against these uncertainties and helps you focus on your business where it should be at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

What Is Included

Monthly guidance
Strategic advise
Financial Management
Profitability Improvement
Resource Optimisation
Contract Reviews

CFO & Business Advisory service

Our Virtual or Part time CFO & Business Advisory service includes:

Monthly guidance and advice
Strategic advise

    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Strategic Review
    • Profitability Improvement
    • Business Turnaround
    • Reporting KPIs and Benchmarking
    • General Business Advice

Financial Management

  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting & Rolling forecasts
  • Operational analysis
  • Cash flow forecasting and management
  • Management Reporting and analysis
  • Implementation of Accounting systems & processes

Bank relationship management
Finance staff management

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