Headline Rates

For Owner Occupied Rates – 3.59% with Westpac or St George for 2 years fixed is impressive.

Investment Rates – ME Bank will price at Owner Occupied rates if you refinance your Owner Occupied Loan to yourself and the loan is 51% or more Owner Occupied. Rates are 3.69% with annual package fee of $395.

Commercial Rates – Still very low and depending on the risk and security, lenders are really pricing to win business. Bankwest are at 4.9% but for a good client, ANZ are extremely keen to win quality business with low LVRs.

In summary, if you are seeking for a low LVR on either Commercial or Residential property. We would strongly recommend you start a conversation with our finance specialist, Kunal Acharya at Phoenix Lending Solutions by calling 08 6444 6311 or email kunala@phoenixconsultancy.com.au today. As the trusted advisor, we will assure you to pay lower rates than you currently are.

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